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About Us

Axum Energy Ventures provides consulting services to assist asset owners, operators and investors within the electric power industry in the areas of:

  • Feasibility reviews
  • Project valuations
  • Emerging technology applications
  • Governance, risk and compliance related to federally mandated reliability standards

Both operating and planning aspects of the electric power network provide us new challenges and opportunities in interconnection of new technologies, balancing fuel sources, and risk management and power market integration and coordination.

Our in-depth industry expertise in planning, operations, markets aspects of the electric power sector including understanding of the regulatory framework positions us to assist clients in their evaluation and incorporation of innovative, next generation technology solutions for grid enhancement that provide greater reliability and policy objectives, and/or achieve market efficiencies.

Our expertise also positions us to assist clients in performing asset condition assessments and project valuations in the process of mergers, acquisitions or divestitures as well as assist clients in the governance, risk assessment and compliance with their federally mandated reliability standards.

Axum Energy Ventures assembles the right ream of expertise to respond and deliver on unique and varying degrees and scales of client requests. We work with leading and diverse technical and industry partners to provide innovative solutions in addressing clients’ needs.